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BSS Co., Ltd. has Established Chamsae Co., Ltd., Kkachi Co., Ltd., Goni Solar Power Co., Ltd., Bueongi Co., Ltd., Jebi Co., Ltd. SPC, and is Currently Implementing I·P·P / V·P·P Business as well as Development Business for 20 MWp Solar Power Plant.
In addition, we are Implementing a small Generation Aggregator Business based on Already-performed Solar Projects.

Phase 1.

Origination And Early Development

  • Search for Optimal Site
  • Social, Political Evaluation of Regulations
  • Securing the right of using the Site
  • Approval and Environment Assessment
  • Assessment and Measurement of Resource
  • Analysis of Construction and Operation Costs
  • Evaluation of Mutual Association and Transmission
  • Procurement and Revenue Analyses Site Design
  • Economy Analysis

Transition To Advanced Stage

Major Measurement Items

  • Identification of Major Risks
  • Fulfilling the Considerations of the list of Identified right of First Offer
  • Review of whether Customer Requirements being Reflected

Phase 2.

Pre-Construction And Financing

  • Completion of the Initial Development Stage
  • Preparation for soil Inspection and Survey
  • Securing the rights for Approval, Loan, and Use
  • Determination of Procurement type for Funds
  • Selection of Major Equipment and Materials
  • Preparation for Procurement and Revenue Distribution
  • Optimizing the Site and Equipment
  • Completion of Procurement of Construction Funds
  • Completion of Negotiations for Major Construction Contracts
  • Execution of Mutual Liaison Agreements
  • Completion of the Detailed Design of the Site

Phase 3.


  • Execution of Overall Major Contracts
  • Grids Connection
  • Subsidiary Equipment Construction
  • Acquisition of “Commercial Operation Date”
  • PV / ESS Installation

Drop Down Process

  • Fair Feedback by the third Party and Legal Review
  • Approval of the Independent board of Directors

Phase 4.


  • Generation of Electric Power
  • Asset Operation and Maintenance / Repair
  • Sales of Electric Power
  • Continuous Site Analysis and Optimization